Monday, March 5, 2012

Easy Runs, Not So Easy Decisions

Easy Runs

Last Wednesday night, I went for a 3 mile run.  For about 2.75 miles, it was a really great run - I started slow and progressively sped up.  Around the 2.75 mile mark, however, I started to feel some twinges in both of my shins.  It didn't last long, but it really freaked me out.  I feel like I've been really smart about my recovery, so having any pain at all is very discouraging.  

I went home and immediately iced my shins, rolled hard with the lacrosse ball, and put on my compression sleeves.  I also took the next 4 days off from running (and kettlebell'ed instead).

I was nervous about running today, but I finally decided to go for an easy 2 miles.

I started slow and felt really draggy and gross.  There are some decent hills in my neighborhood, and I wasn't really thinking about where I was going, which was dumb.  After I got over the worst of the hills and got warmed up, I felt much better and decided to just let my legs decide the pace.  When I checked the Garmin at that mile beep, I was pleasantly surprised to see 9:06 for the second mile.  I could've kept going, but it's only Monday, and according to the rules, I've only got 4.5 miles left for the week.  :(

Not So Easy Decisions

I didn't have any shin issues on my run today, which is good news.  But that run on Wednesday really freaked me out.  I have been struggling for weeks to decide what to do about my registration for the half marathon this weekend.  I've known since January 9th that I wouldn't run the half, but I have the option of dropping down to the 10K or deferring my registration for a year.  Wednesday's run confirmed my gut/deep down instinct that the 10K isn't a good idea.  That sucks because who knows if I'll be in a position to run this race next year, but it's definitely not worth totally blowing my leg up over.

To console myself, I registered for the Get To The Green 5K on the 17th.  A much more doable distance for me right now plus free entrance to Columbia's ridiculous St. Patrick's Day Festival = sold.


  1. I think you're smart to not do the 10k. You're right- it's not worth potentially harming your recovery. The 5k will be fun and no pressure!

  2. I hear you...tough decisions! But you have made the right one. I might have to look into the St. Patty's race next weekend?! I will let you know!

  3. Do it! Have you ever been to St. Pat's in Columbia? It's crazy, and really fun, and the race entry free includes entry into the festival afterwards.