About Me

I am so glad you stopped by The 385.  I'm Lindsey, and these are a few things you should know about me...

1. I am new to this whole running (in a competitive way) thing.  I played soccer in high school, and I always considered myself an athlete, but I let myself get horribly out of shape after college.  I've been running since September 2011, and I'm so hooked.

2.  I am a crazy dog mom.  My pups are my life (along with my sweet husband J).  I adopted Penny first, about a month before J and I started dating in 2008.  About six months later, J adopted Charlie from the same rescue organization, and they've been inseparable ever since.  Penny is my sweet, quiet, gentle girl, who loves swimming and hates loud noises and men in hats.  Charlie is a squirmy, loud, goofy cuddlebug, who loves chewing sticks and hates the dishwasher and plastic bags.  We are HUGE advocates of shelter dogs and rescues in general.  If you have any questions about rescuing a pet, please email me.

3. I live in Columbia, South Carolina.  It is hot here.

4.  The blog title "The 385" comes from here.  But don't watch unless you're prepared to want run a marathon.

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