Monday, July 30, 2012

Georgetown HM: Week 1

So Week 1 of HM training is already in the books... and honestly, it was not my best week.  

I missed 2 workouts, including my speed session, which was I was actually looking forward to.  However, J had an after work firm event at Terra that night (i.e. his firm paid for us to hang out with our friends and eat delicious food and drink good wine).  So yeah, I wasn't going to miss that to go run 400 repeats.  Instead, of sweating it out on the track, I was inhaling this as fast as I could:

I have no really have no excuse for Sunday.  I slept late and was planning to go out in the afternoon, but it ended up getting stormy, and I got caught up in making this ridiculously good (and healthy! well, healthy-ish!) chicken pot pie:

So basically it seems that if I have to choose between eating delicious food or going for a run, I choose food.  I am fine with that.

The runs that I did do this week were great.  I have written before about my issues with going slow when slow is called for, and I really tried to focus on that this week.  These initial runs were meant to be easy, and I forced myself to actually go easy.  

So, Tuesday was 3 miles @ 9:32; Thursday was 3 miles @ 10:12, and Saturday was 5 miles @ 9:42.  Here are Saturday's splits.  Nothing amazing, just nice and steady.

This week kicked off today with a couple NTC workouts for abs and arms, and now I'm chillin' on the couch with a delicious beer, watching some boys in some VERY sturdy Spandex dive off a seriously tall platform.  Definitely not the worst Monday ever.  

Have a great week y'all!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Making Plans.

This is my last week of plan-free running.  Starting next Monday, I will be gearing up for the Bridge 2 Bridge Half Marathon in October, and I'm going to use a modified version of the Hal Higdon intermediate plan.  I had to switch some days around for life stuff (weddings, showers, travel, etc.) and to fit in some races.  Most of the races around here on Saturday, not Sunday like the plan anticipates.  (This is the South.  Sunday morning is for church, not racing!)  I may have to make a few more tweaks, but it should generally look like this:

Some thoughts:

1. I'm really pumped about the Hot Summer Night 5K.  I've never run a race at night before, but I usually do my runs in the evening, so I should be fine.  I'm curious to see if I race better than I do in the morning.

2. I'm a little nervous about the tempo runs.  I pretty much never run according to time.  I either have a certain distance that I want to do and I map a course around downtown/my neighborhood that will get me that distance, or else I do one of my standard routes so I know basically how far I'll be going and how long it will take.  I anticipate that I will be doing most of the tempo runs down at the Riverfront so that I can just run back and forth on the path for however many minutes and not have to worry about calculating a specific route.

3.  I'm also nervous that most weeks only anticipate one rest day.  If I feel like I need to take an extra rest day, I absolutely will.  I think that Monday's stretch + strengthen workouts will either become complete rest days or will be yoga.  For the strength workouts, I will be using the Nike Training Club app.  I did my first workout with it last week, and my booty was sore for days.  It's awesome.  (SN: When I click the NTC app link, the page is mostly in Spanish.  No idea why.  The app is in English, promise.)

4.  Anyone interested in a 10K in Charlotte?  This is the one I'm considering, but I don't really want to make the drive to go race by myself.

5.  Am I crazy for thinking that the Kill the Hills 10 miler sounds pretty awesome?  Technically, the plan calls for a 15K race that weekend, but apparently people in SC don't run 15Ks.  I couldn't find a single one, much less one that fit that general week 9-10 time frame.  I figure that I can use the first 0.7 mi as part of my warm up, then try to stick as close to HM pace as possible for the last 9.3.  The half has four bridge crossings (two bridges, over and back each one) so I definitely need the hill practice.  I'd love a running buddy for that one too!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Florida Fourth.

I decided to make the most of the weird mid-week holiday and take off for Florida on Tuesday night.  Our family has use of a condo in New Smyrna Beach and I hadn't been down there since law school, so I was excited to get down there again.  The weather ended up being absolutely perfect - hot, but with a breeze, and no rain.  My grandparents just live a short drive away, in Titusville, so they came over for a few days too.  It's extremely rare for me to get to have the attention of both my parents and grandparents all to myself - no other kids/grandkids/significant others around - so that was pretty awesome.

We were treated to an amazing fireworks show and an incredible moon rise over the ocean on the Fourth.

On Friday afternoon we went back to Jacksonville.  J drove down from Columbia to pick me up (I flew into Orlando on Tuesday), and he brought the dogs for the weekend.  They were very serious about their co-captain duties.

In between all of the beaching, boating, and fireworking, I did manage to get in three runs.  I did 4 miles with my mom following me on her bike on Thursday.  It was horribly hot and the route wasn't shady at all, so I felt kind of terrible, but I managed to hold a 9:07 average pace, so I was happy with that.  On Friday, I finally took Corey's advice about exercising early, and my dad and I knocked out about 3.5 easy miles down on the beach.  It was fun just to run and chat with him, and I didn't even take my watch, so I have no idea what our pace was.  Then on Saturday, Mom, Dad, J, and I took the pups (they have a dog too) on the trail by their house that goes down to the river.  It's about 3 miles round trip once you're on the trail, and probably another 2 miles to get to and from the house, so we were all good and sweaty by the time we got home.

If you follow me on Twitter, you maybe saw that I signed up for 2 races recently.  I'm gonna be running the Bridge 2 Bridge Half in Georgetown in October, and I forgot that I had a free entry for the Columbia Half in March 2013 (because I had to defer last year).  Sooo, that means that this week is my last week of no-plan running.  I'm working on a 12 week plan for Bridge 2 Bridge that will start next Monday.  Exciting!  

How was your Fourth of July?  Any new races on your calendars?