Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hilllll No.

So this half marathon that I'm running is in the mountains.  That means hills.  And for a mountain race, I don't think it's really THAT bad, but I'll let you decide for yourself.  

So, two major hills and two smaller ones.  Columbia is NOT flat, which people don't expect, so I feel like I can handle some rollers.  I am not sure I can handle mountains.

That's why I decided to do some hill repeats today.  Guess what?  They were hard, and I did not enjoy them while I was doing them.  Right now, I'm thinking they were kind of fun, and I want to go run some more.  That's usually how it works.  

Anyway, we have a few "steep" hills around here.  I use quotes because you should remember that I am a Florida girl, so my definition of steep is probably a bit questionable.  

This is the hill:

{I told you.  Questionable.}

Need more proof?

Here is the elevation profile from my trusty Garmin...


I did 5 repeats since it was my first time trying something like this, and I've read that hill work can be aggravating for shin splints/stress fractures.  I ran up as fast as I could the first time, and then just tried to hold that time or better.  I jogged/walked down, and then went right back up.  My rest intervals weren't exactly even, but I think I did a pretty good job overall.  

My splits...

Y'all... my hill isn't even a tenth of a mile.  

I am going to dieeeee.


  1. haha! We have tons of hills around here too, so my perception of hills is probably pretty different than some too, but I do my best to avoid the "big" and "steep" ones and stick to the rollers. Looking at the elevation profile of your race, where you go up 200+ (300?) feet in one mile, I am thinking that will probably hurt. Yikes! P.S. That is like climbing the equivalent of 20-30 story building!

  2. Haha yeah, I am not looking forward to that part. The biggest one is at the very beginning though, so at least my legs should be fresh. And, every uphill means there is a downhill coming!

    You actually gave me a good idea with the climibing 20-30 stories analogy.... Columbia might be a little lacking in steep hills, but it does have plenty of places to run stairs/stadiums. Thanks!