Sunday, March 18, 2012

Race Report: Get To The Green 5K

On Saturday J and I ran the Get To The Green 5K, which is part of Columbia's huge St. Pat's festival.  The race started at 8am, so J and I got up around 6:45 to eat some breakfast and head down to the start.  I was a little worried about traffic, but we found a spot pretty easily and jogged down to the start with about 15 minutes to spare.  Actually, they didn't start the race til about 8:05, so we really had plenty of time.  

{Ready to Race}

Of course everyone was decked out in green, and there were some pretty funny costumes... one girl was dressed as a pot of gold, and I really have no idea how she managed to run with a giant black box around her waist, but whatevs.  I wore my neon green Zensah calf sleeves, which, although festive, ended up making me super hot.  It was about 60 degrees at the start, and I was glad I had them when we were standing around (I was just in shorts and a tank), but after about a mile I just wanted to rip them off.  Lesson learned.

{I put shoes on eventually.}

Anyway, I had originally planned to run this race just because - it wasn't really a goal race because I've only been running again for a few weeks.  As such, I didn't try to get up to the front and ended up being pretty far back in the pack at the start.  But after the first (crazy, horribly crowded) 500 yards or so, I was like, "Let's do this" and I started to pick it up.  My first mile was spent dodging walkers, strollers, and small children, but by then I was feeling good, so I decided just to go for it.  My last mile was 7:41, which is seriously fast for me. It also seriously made me want to puke, but I finished in 25:39, a PR by over 2 minutes.

I was annoyed yesterday because the results on the race website were only listing the gun time, which would still give me a PR by 90 seconds, but then what is the point of having a chip?  The race organizers finally sent out an email this afternoon with a different link to the "official" official results, which gave me my chip time of 25:39.

And the best part of all of this... my legs don't hurt!  Woo hoo!


  1. That is seriously awesome-- congrats!!!! :)

  2. Nice job!! Especially after having to use a ton of energy to dodge the walkers/strollers, etc. That should be a nice big confidence booster for you!!

    1. I've been so worried about over doing it with my shins that I haven't tried to really push my pace at all, so it is nice to know that I can go fast and still have my legs feel ok! And that all the speed work I was doing a few months ago hasn't totally gone to waste! :)