Sunday, February 10, 2013

(Almost) Zero Week.

Ugh, sickness.  Last Sunday, I could tell that I was starting to come down with whatever the sinus infection/cold virus/general crud that seems to be making the rounds, and by Monday afternoon, I was down for the count.  Like straight from work to bed, without even a thought of working out until Friday.  When I finally felt better on Friday afternoon, I did an easy 3 miles just to test out how I felt, and it was surprisingly ok.

In an attempt to salvage the week, I met up with my friend Tara on Saturday morning to run the first 6 miles of the course.  We ran a 9:00ish pace, so more like goal pace than long run pace.  I held up a lot better than I expected, but I'm not at all thrilled to only have 9 miles total for this week.  Luckily, next week was scheduled as a cutback week anyway, so I'm going to swap in this week's missed workouts instead.  

Saturday's "long" run stats:

The best part of the run, other than the fact that my lungs didn't explode, was that Tara and I showed up wearing the EXACT same outfit - black running tights and bright purple long sleeve tees.  I'm sure people thought we were such idiots.  Whatever.

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