Sunday, December 16, 2012

Race Recap: Rudolph's Rampage

My first trail race is in the books!  Despite the unholy freezing temperature at start time, which can't be helped, this race was super fun.  It was definitely a learning experience, and I felt a little outside of my comfort zone at times.  Trail runners definitely do things a little differently.  

For example, I had no idea I was supposed to check in, so I got called out at the starting line.  I picked up my packet, I had my bib on, what else do you want from me?  Oops.  Also, I started pretty slowly because I wasn't sure what to expect (and I was pretty cold, so I just wasn't moving very quickly), so I eventually wanted to start passing some people, but it took me a while to work up the courage.  The course was almost all single track, so passing was tricky.  I was terrified I'd try to move around someone and end up eating it.  Luckily I wasn't that lame, and I got the hang of it eventually.  I also got passed (um, a lot) myself, and I was trying to be nice and kept moving off the trail to let people go by.  Apparently that was not the right thing to do because I got yelled at not to go off the trail.  (I was off like literally two steps, but ok.)  Now I know all the rules though, and I'll be good to go next time.

I didn't fall at all, thankfully, but my right arm did start going numb/feeling tingly.  (And after seeing my atrocious form in this picture, that makes a little more sense. Yikes!)  I also felt a little under-fueled.  We didn't have a very big dinner the night before, and even though I ate my usual pre-race English muffin with PB and banana, by mile 3.5, I was hungry.  I've made a pretty major change in my diet recently, so I think that was a big factor, but that's for another blog post.

Anyway, the course took us on some trails that I'd never been on, so it was cool to see new parts of the forest.  The only problem was that I really had no idea what was ahead.  About 20 seconds after this picture was taken, there was a big hill and I looked/felt like death for the rest of the race, so I'm glad they chose the bottom of the hills for the photographer.  My splits make much more sense when you compare them to the elevation chart.

I walked around for a little bit at the finish before I remembered to stop my watch, but J took some finish line photos, which I shall not inflict upon your eyes (back side angle, no thank you), that show my finish time was 1:04:34.  I would've liked to be closer to an hour flat, but given my recent lack of training, I was pretty happy with my performance overall.  I will definitely be doing more trail races in the future!

I did notice that my calves are very sore today, which I'm guessing is from the fact that my trail shoes are minimalist(ish).  I took a planned rest day today, and will take one again tomorrow, then Tuesday is my first training run for the Columbia half.  The offseason is officially over!


  1. You look awesome in that pic!! What a badass :)

  2. I love that pic too! Also, I think those are super solid times for trail running. We have been going a little for about 5 miles and I am happy to be around 10:00!! So for a hilly route, great job!!!