Monday, August 6, 2012

Race Recap: Hot Summer Night 5K

The Hal Higdon plan that I am using for this training cycle calls for a race every 3 weeks or so to test your fitness.  First up was the Hot Summer Night 5K, which was supposed to be in week 3, but there aren't a ton of races around here in the summer, and I thought this one sounded fun, so I went with it.

And it WAS really fun.  I actually really liked the evening start time.  Maybe it's because I usually run after work anyway, so I'm comfortable with a late start time.  I don't know, but usually when I race in the morning, I'm always exhausted afterwards and end up napping.  This time, I just got up as usual and spent the day shopping (where I scored a ridiculous deal one these and these at the Devine Street Sidewalk Sale, woohoo!) and watching the Olympics.  I ate a late lunch around 2pm and a granola bar around 5pm, and I felt much better in terms of fueling than I usually do in the mornings.  

So anyway, J and I got out to the start around 6:15 so I could warm up a little bit, and the race started right on time at 7pm.  On the way there J asked me what my goal was and I told him 26:00-27:00, but I knew that I wanted to try to break 25:00.  I've really only done one formal speed session (plus a few zombie runs) so I wasn't really sure how possible that was, but I felt good when I was warming up so I decided to try it.  Once again, I started too far back in the pack and had to dodge a lot of people for the first 800m or so.  (I need to get better at figuring out a good starting position.  But I guess I'd rather dodge slow people than BE the slow person who started up front like an idiot).  After that though, the course was pretty open and very flat, (and really it wasn't THAT hot) so I just tried to keep the first 2.5 miles under control and then I let myself go the last .6 to the finish.  I definitely felt like puking/quitting the last 100 yards or so, but I told myself to think about Galen and a silver medal and did I want to puke or did I want to win a silver medal?  I wanted to win a silver medal, damn it, and I did!

My chip time came in at 24:51!  Woot!  

My splits were 8:10, 8:13, 7:48, and a ridiculous 6:50 for the last .1.  No wonder I felt like puking.

This was a super fun race, a nice flat and fast course, AND they had pizza at the finish. Plus any race that Strictly Running puts on is generally well organized.  I will definitely be doing this one again!


  1. Awesome job!! About to hit sub-8 minute miles. And you didn't mention (except in the veiled silver medal reference) that you got 2nd place in your age group despite being in your last year in that group. Killed it

  2. I LOVE those bright pink shorts!!!! And you look majorly fast in that picture...hello perfect run form and toe strike! Congrats on a big PR!! That is awesome!!