Monday, August 27, 2012

Georgetown HM Training: Weeks 4 and 5

Because I'm so behind (again), I thought I would just do some highlights from the past 2 weeks.

On Wednesday the 15th, I did a glorious 40 minute tempo.  I warmed up for about half a mile (aka before I discovered that my Garmin wasn't on) so it was really more like 45 minutes, but whatever.  The warm up as pretty draggy so I was concerned about having to pick up the pace, but when it came time, my legs just did it.  I love that.

Uhh, yeah, that last mile was downhill.  Still counts.

On Sunday, I did 7 miles for my long run for the week.  I haaaaaaated the first half of this run.  Hated.  Cannot stress enough how much I did not want to be doing it.  I had a headache all day and it was sticking around when I left the house.  My Garmin died after about 2 steps, so I had to use RunKeeper on my iPhone, which I don't like because I wear an armband and I can't see my paces very easily.  Plus I couldn't find my good headphones, the kind that hook over my ears, so the right earbud fell out no less than 43 times in first 3 miles.  (Are you feeling sorry for me yet??) Because then... I BUSTED. Hard.  On the busiest road on my route, of course.  I managed not to go down on my knees, so that was good.  But I took some skin off my hands and my thigh and I definitely jammed up my wrist.  It's actually still a little sore.  But once I popped back up and got going, everything got zen and last 3.5 miles just flew by.  By the end, I was back in love with running and all was right in the world.

As discussed, slower than my goal pace, but not THAT much slower.  Even when I was wallowing in self pity over the earphone situation, etc., my legs felt good.

Lastly, this past Friday I had approximately 12 minutes to spare for a run so I ran 5 hill repeats on my favorite hill.  Less than a mile, but dang did I get plenty sweaty and out of breath.  Also my glutes were sore all weekend, so maybe I need to visit my hill more often.

Tonight, strength + stretching was on schedule, so I went to a barre class.  I bought a 10 class Groupon, and my booty is gonna be fierce by the time I've used them all.  Holy cow, who knew such tiny little movements could burn so bad?  Love it!

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