Monday, July 16, 2012

Making Plans.

This is my last week of plan-free running.  Starting next Monday, I will be gearing up for the Bridge 2 Bridge Half Marathon in October, and I'm going to use a modified version of the Hal Higdon intermediate plan.  I had to switch some days around for life stuff (weddings, showers, travel, etc.) and to fit in some races.  Most of the races around here on Saturday, not Sunday like the plan anticipates.  (This is the South.  Sunday morning is for church, not racing!)  I may have to make a few more tweaks, but it should generally look like this:

Some thoughts:

1. I'm really pumped about the Hot Summer Night 5K.  I've never run a race at night before, but I usually do my runs in the evening, so I should be fine.  I'm curious to see if I race better than I do in the morning.

2. I'm a little nervous about the tempo runs.  I pretty much never run according to time.  I either have a certain distance that I want to do and I map a course around downtown/my neighborhood that will get me that distance, or else I do one of my standard routes so I know basically how far I'll be going and how long it will take.  I anticipate that I will be doing most of the tempo runs down at the Riverfront so that I can just run back and forth on the path for however many minutes and not have to worry about calculating a specific route.

3.  I'm also nervous that most weeks only anticipate one rest day.  If I feel like I need to take an extra rest day, I absolutely will.  I think that Monday's stretch + strengthen workouts will either become complete rest days or will be yoga.  For the strength workouts, I will be using the Nike Training Club app.  I did my first workout with it last week, and my booty was sore for days.  It's awesome.  (SN: When I click the NTC app link, the page is mostly in Spanish.  No idea why.  The app is in English, promise.)

4.  Anyone interested in a 10K in Charlotte?  This is the one I'm considering, but I don't really want to make the drive to go race by myself.

5.  Am I crazy for thinking that the Kill the Hills 10 miler sounds pretty awesome?  Technically, the plan calls for a 15K race that weekend, but apparently people in SC don't run 15Ks.  I couldn't find a single one, much less one that fit that general week 9-10 time frame.  I figure that I can use the first 0.7 mi as part of my warm up, then try to stick as close to HM pace as possible for the last 9.3.  The half has four bridge crossings (two bridges, over and back each one) so I definitely need the hill practice.  I'd love a running buddy for that one too!

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  1. Looks like you are ready to go! Remind me about some of these races as they get closer! I have a full training schedule this summer/fall, but maybe I can squeeze one of them in?!