Monday, July 30, 2012

Georgetown HM: Week 1

So Week 1 of HM training is already in the books... and honestly, it was not my best week.  

I missed 2 workouts, including my speed session, which was I was actually looking forward to.  However, J had an after work firm event at Terra that night (i.e. his firm paid for us to hang out with our friends and eat delicious food and drink good wine).  So yeah, I wasn't going to miss that to go run 400 repeats.  Instead, of sweating it out on the track, I was inhaling this as fast as I could:

I have no really have no excuse for Sunday.  I slept late and was planning to go out in the afternoon, but it ended up getting stormy, and I got caught up in making this ridiculously good (and healthy! well, healthy-ish!) chicken pot pie:

So basically it seems that if I have to choose between eating delicious food or going for a run, I choose food.  I am fine with that.

The runs that I did do this week were great.  I have written before about my issues with going slow when slow is called for, and I really tried to focus on that this week.  These initial runs were meant to be easy, and I forced myself to actually go easy.  

So, Tuesday was 3 miles @ 9:32; Thursday was 3 miles @ 10:12, and Saturday was 5 miles @ 9:42.  Here are Saturday's splits.  Nothing amazing, just nice and steady.

This week kicked off today with a couple NTC workouts for abs and arms, and now I'm chillin' on the couch with a delicious beer, watching some boys in some VERY sturdy Spandex dive off a seriously tall platform.  Definitely not the worst Monday ever.  

Have a great week y'all!


  1. Sounds like a solid week. Missing a couple of runs isn't the end of the world (seems like you know that!) That food is making me hungry. Shouldn't read blogs before lunch.

    1. I'm making up for this week! No more skipping! :)