Sunday, June 24, 2012

Snakes on a Path.

On Wednesday, the zombies and I went running down at the river/canal front.  It was a glorious night, not too hot (relatively speaking - this is SC after all) and with a slight breeze.  There were tons of people around, including lots of kids and dogs.  This is concerning, given what happened about 4 miles in.  

Since it is so close to the river, and there are signs warning that there could be alligators in the canal (I am skeptical), I guess I shouldn't have been SO surprised... but regardless, I was definitely NOT expecting a 4-foot-long RATTLESNAKE to be chillin' up on the path.  Yeah.  Thank God for the runner good Samaritan who stopped and waved me away from the side or else I would've probably stepped right on its head.  By the time I calmed the eff down enough to get my phone out, the other runner had scared it off, and it crawled back into the bushes, so I don't have a picture.  (When I texted J that I had almost stepped on a rattlesnake, his immediate reply was "Get a picture!")  I don't know if anyone from Cola even reads this blog, but if you do, BE CAREFUL down there.  Just last Sunday I had the pups down there and even on a leash, the path is narrow enough that they can wander into the grass to sniff around.  It makes me sick to think of what could've happened if a dog or child had found that snake before the runner in front of me did.

Ugh.  So anyway, I ended up finishing the last mile, and I'm a little surprised it wasn't faster, because I ready to skeedaddle after that.

On Sunday, J and I hit the trails again.  You can be sure I was on hyper-alert rattlesnake watch.  Paying that much attention to the ground turned out to be a good thing... I didn't see any snakes (or any animal of any kind, surprisingly) but I didn't have nearly as many close calls as last week.  I only almost busted once.  J, however, took 3 spills and was covered in dirt by the time we were finished. (He then suggested that we go out to lunch.  Ummm, no.)  We officially bought our annual parking pass for the forest, so I guess we're really doing this trail thing now!

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  1. Holy schmoly! I am just getting caught up and just finally read this post! I would have been terrified! I have the creeps just thinking about it!