Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Shoes, New Goals.

No. 1 - New Year.  So, J and I had an unintentionally chill New Year's Eve.  We went to dinner at a new-to-me restaurant downtown, and it was awesome.  Then the plan was to go swing by a house party thrown by some friends, and then get a cab back downtown to the big party on Main Street.  Unfortunately, I called the cab company six times, was repeatedly told that cabs were on the way, and of course, none ever showed up.  So frustrating.  Around 11:15, almost 3 hours of trying, we finally gave up and just went home to ring in 2012 on the couch with the pups.

No. 2 - New Shoes.  Earlier in the day, when I was still anticipating a hangover today, I headed out to do my tempo run for the week.  The plan was 5 miles at an 8:40 pace.  Honestly, I thought that I was going to crush this run.  I've been doing paces much faster than this, and on last week's 7 miler, I felt really good and had to work to hold myself back to this pace.  But yesterday, I felt like doo doo.  I wanted water like half a mile in, and my legs were super heavy from the 100+ squats I had done at Crossfit on Wednesday.  It was probably my least favorite run so far.

The only good part was my new shoes.  I went to Fleet Feet last week to be fitted for some real running shoes.  (I've been running in my Crossfit shoes, which are cross trainers.)  I'm hoping these new kicks are going to help my shins feel better, but even if they don't, I like them anyway.

{New Mizunos}

No. 3 - New Goals.  Ok, so now on to the good stuff.  Not all of these are running/fitness goals, but here goes.

1. Run sub-2 hours at my half in March.  That means I'll have to do at least 9:04.  I'd really like to run more like 8:40, which would give me a 1:53:36, but I'm not sure if that's possible... especially after this last run.

2.  Finish a marathon.  Preferably in about 4 hours, but I will definitely be happy with just crossing the finish line.  If anyone has any thoughts on a good beginner marathon, I'd love to hear it.  I'm thinking about the Marine Corps Marathon in October.  Is it crazy to sign up for your first marathon before you've even run your first half?

3.  Do a pull up.  I need to learn how to kip,  because I'm pretty confident that I can do kipping pull ups.  I'm really close to getting a regular dead hang, so hopefully I can knock this one out in the next few months.

4.  Eat more veggies.  I probably only get 2 servings of fruits/veggies per day right now, and I'd like to double it.  Sub-parts to this goal include going to the farmer's market at least once a month, and talking J into doing a CSA this summer.

5.  Travel to 3 new places.  One of the things J and I talked about wanting to do during these "just the two of us" years is to really put our time/money into traveling.  It's not always easy since we're both at the bottom of the totem pole in our jobs (which is, truly, a place I am deeply thankful to be ), but we're talking about San Francisco/Napa in the fall.  And we have a friend moving to Nashville, so that's on the list too.  Hopefully we can squeeze in a third at some point.

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