Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gimpy Workouts - Week 2

Ok, so it has been an interesting first week back at the "regular" gym (as opposed to my beloved Crossfit gym).  It took me all of 30 seconds to remember why it wasn't a good fit for me before... no one socializes, you have to make up your own workouts, there's no coaching, the parking situation is a nightmare, etc.  HOWEVER, the pool is never crowded, and I was able to get sweaty quite a few days this week, so that's all good with me.

I also discovered that the pool only works for me when the plan is a speed/sprint workout.  I tried to do a long(ish) pool run at a steady pace, and it was miserable.  The pool is pretty short, so I kept having to turn around every 30 seconds or so, and I just can't get my heart rate up without sprinting (even accounting for the fact that your heart rate stay lower in the pool).  Worst of all, after 3 days in a row of sprint paces, my hip flexors had had enough, so I took an unplanned rest day on Thursday, and on Friday, I decided to try a 30 min interval workout on the bike.  It was much better - I was dripping sweat, my heart was racing, and best of all, my leg didn't bother me at all during or after the workout.  Yay!

So I've decided to modify my plan - all of my sprint and short interval workouts will be in the pool, but the longer intervals and long, steady workouts will be on the bike.  After another two weeks or so, I might try introducing the elliptical for some of the long workouts too, just to mix it up.  This is week 3 of no running/lower body impact, and my legs feel about 1000 times better.  I can even walk up down the stairs without feeling any pain in my shins, which is awesome, since my office is on the fourth floor and the elevators in my building are super sketchy.

Ok anyway, here is this week's plan:

I'll only be in the pool one day this week, but most weeks have two pool days.  And since I took an unplanned rest day on Thursday, I'm off to get wet as soon as the gym opens at 1.  

Hope y'all are having a good, sweaty weekend! :)

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