Thursday, December 8, 2011

Race Face.

Y'all have probably all seen this image circulating on Facebook/the blogs/Pinterest.  It is hilarious, and it makes me laugh every time I see it.  It became, less funny, however, when I received hard proof that I do, in fact, look more like the bottom half of that picture than the top half.

*Image via here.

Here is my real life version...

*Images via here and here.

Yeah.  I need to work on my Race Face.  Anyone else have this problem?


  1. haha. I LOVE this!! Do you ever run by store windows and look over and think...THAT CAN'T BE ME! I do NOT look that ugly right now?! Um, yeah. So I always think I look better than I do when I run!

  2. Haha yes. I do that just walking down the street... I feel like a gazelle, and I look over and I'm like a leprechaun. Not cool! :)